You and Only You

Life can seem like a competition. Everyone has an opinion on how often to exercise, what to eat, where to go, who to date and even where to work. We are fascinated by achievement and success but seldom do we pause to wonder whose timeline we are really on and whose expectations we are trying to meet. It seems that some struggle to receive the approval of others on their life choices, while the rest hide behind their own meaning of perfection. Being happy means being consistent with who you are. The problem is we often don’t understand our own values because we haven’t sat down to consider what those might be. Once we place our own values above the opinions of others we can start living a happy life. Only you can measure the success of your days because happiness is built on the small triumphs of the everyday. How do you measure success? A healthy breakfast? A full 8 hours of sleep? A great phone call with your best friend? Give yourself the permission to live in peace with how you spend your time and energy. Happiness is in your grasp already. 


“Doesn’t matter if the glass if half-empty or half-full. All that matters is that you are the one pouring the water.” -Mark Cuban

or the wine… Taking 100% responsibility for your life means never blaming anyone else for the outcome of your choices. The way you choose to respond to hardships and obstacles will always be a direct reflection of the quality of your life. Ask yourself how you are shaping your life with the choices you make and the meaning you attribute to the circumstances around you!