Oh Oh Oprah!

If you never knew what the fuss was about Oprah buckle your seatbelts because now you will! This interview is full to the brim with amazing insights and pearls of wisdom! Put yourself first and let your cup runneth over. Choose happiness! 


The Road to Hell…

is paved with good intentions.” This quote radiates with a truth that is singular and yet the misunderstanding of it is a universal malaise.  Few people look for their purpose early in life; Some stumble upon it, some die never having found it. The few who look for it try to find it in the past, in the skills they’ve acquired, in the degrees they have framed on their wall because they are trying to pave the path to purpose with good intentions. Nobody wants to find a purpose that nullifies or throws away their past achievements. Nobody wants to let go of the decisions they made in the past in order to arrive at their true purpose. Why? Because disappointing ourselves and others by saying we have taken a wrong turn is nothing short of misery. To awaken the soul we have to look beyond the money spent, the time “wasted,” and, most importantly, the idea of finding purpose only in the decisions of our past. Choose to forgo the notion that A leads to B and B to C and so on. The path to success is NOT paved with the good intention of rewarding the decisions of your past self; rather, it is paved with the self awareness and intuition of who you are TODAY and who you aspire to be TOMORROW.