Failure Defined

When did we forget how to fail? Was it around the time we start getting grades and fearing that giant red F? How easily we forget the struggle to walk, to write, to read, to pronounce words, to ride a bike, to draw inside the lines, to feed ourselves, to drink out of a cup, to tie our shoes… Why is failure so traumatic if it is such a fundamental part of the human experience? Anyone who finds success on his or her own terms learns that failure is not real unless you let it define you. The only way we truly fail is by calling it a failure, by attributing negative emotions to the learning process and making excuses for why we can’t overcome the obstacles in our way. I suppose it has to do with never seeing the struggles people endure to arrive at success. Even if we read or hear about someone’s struggle, it is still a foreign emotion to our own experience, so it doesn’t touch us in quite the same way. Our struggles will always feel more real, but if we remember that failure is only a word that we alone can give a definition to, we can set ourselves free.

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