A Leopard and its Spots

More often than not, we are taught that “our personalities make us who we are,” and that “people never change.” This is simply not true. The brain is an ever-evolving organ, wiring and re-wiring connections all the time. Remembering that people can and do change is the very first step. Knowing that our personalities can be changed simply by allowing ourselves to explore other options, other emotions and reactions, is the most powerful mindset to begin this journey.

What is the story you tell about yourself?: “I’m not a morning person,” “I’m not a runner,” “I don’t like to read,” “I hate these sort of people;” All these statements shape who you BELIEVE you are, not who you CAN be. Aspire to tell a different story about yourself by saying “I’m learning to run,” or “I will love to run.” Remember your brain is the most powerful tool you have to build your future. Never give up on something because it isn’t something you would “normally” do. Put those limiting beliefs in the past and open yourself up to a new future! 


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