The Needles in the Haystack

There are moments when life feels like it’s flipped on it’s head and nothing is going right. These moments can wipe away your optimism and you’re desire to continue the course. It’s hard to recover from these moments; it could take days, weeks or even months to overcome even minor setbacks. Any obstacle big or small is a test of character; they highlight your flaws and often expose your weaknesses to others. Rise to the challenge and focus on rebuilding. Find the tools that remind you that life is worth living and that renew your optimism.  What tools have helped you build your personality? Some ideas that work for me:

·      Stop replaying the obstacles or the bad moments in your head by immersing yourself in a book

·      Listen to motivational speakers talk about overcoming life’s challenges

·      Everyday write 5 things you are grateful for

·      Pick a project and immerse yourself in the details

·      Find a way to cheer up someone else

·      Laugh at the absurdity of it all

·      Find a light-hearted show or movie to watch in bed

These are all meant to distract you from the pain of the past (whether that past is yesterday or a month ago, it doesn’t matter). These tools can help you get back to neutral and help you find the calm, optimistic person that got temporarily knocked out of the fight. When you’ve found your center you can tackle your problems from a place of strength, and not anxiety. I’m on day 3 of rebuilding and it’s a challenge to not have a dark cloud looming overhead and remember to love life. But I’ve always found that being happy is in fact a choice, and one that feels a lot better than the alternative.

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